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Attach vehicle

    Attach vehicle

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    Vehicle Attachment Process

    • Fill the Vehicle Attachment Form and attach your documents then submit the form.
    • After submitting the form pay Rs. 2500 (Vehicle Attachment¬†Fee, Including value trips of Rs. 10,000).
    • Our Customer Service will Call and Confirm your Attachment.

    Vehicle Attachment Terms & Conditions


    • The company has adopted a basic set of safety rules which all drivers must agree to as part of the process. Drivers are expected to drive safely at all times. The safety of passengers and others is every driver’s highest priority. Have and carry a valid driver’s license while driving. Should clean the vehicle everyday
    • Not permit any unauthorized person to drive the vehicle. Unauthorized drivers may be personally liable for any accident or loss. Not transport unauthorized passengers such as hitchhikers. Not transport any alcohol (unless specifically permitted, e.g., dining or conference services), drugs, or other contraband in any company vehicle.


    • Use safe driving principles, practices, and techniques at all times.
    • Not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Not drive if using a medication that impairs judgment, reflexes or alertness.
    • Do not use a cell phone when the vehicle is moving .If the driver must make or take a call or text message, the vehicle must be safely stopped and secured (parked), before using a cell phone.
    • Before leaving the parking area or garage, particularly with a rental vehicle or a vehicle that driver does not ordinarily drive, be reasonably satisfied that the following parts and components are in good working order: Brake, Tires/Wheels, Rear-Vision Mirrors, and Steering.
    • Immediately report any changes in license and any other at-fault accidents that occur whether or not the accident or violation occurred while driving on vehicle to the Risk Management Office, and accept suspension of driving privileges if applicable.
    • When the customer conforms the trip you must to collect the details about trip from the customers before one hour.
    • Never collect the excess amount from the customers and misbehaviour with the customers while driving it will leads to cancellation of your attachment.
    • You must collect the feedback from the customers after the completion of trip.
    • Please obey the road rules and regulations of TN RTO.
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